The Berardi Casolari Company holds theater workshops, mainly divided into two macro-areas:

Theater-writing workshops aimed at aspiring actors and authors. In the workshop, the fundamental stages of the theatrical process (scenic writing, directorial composition and acting) are addressed and analysed. Among the various techniques we teach: physical training, vocal training, verbal improvisation exercises, improvised writing, conception and creation of images, analysis and investigation of the scene.

Integrated theatrical training workshops, aimed both at actors and student actors, and at weaker sections of the citizenry (adolescents in emergency situations, people with disabilities, blind people). The primary objective is to make the participants live an experience that puts emotions in the foreground, allowing everyone to tell their story. At the base is the idea that individual differences can be a limiting and stimulating condition at the same time, a starting point for personal evolution without limits.

The workshops held by the Berardi Casolari company usually start from the autobiographical experiences of the participants, whether they are professionals or not, who work on their own life experience on the basis of given themes. This modality allows a direct, emotional and intimate participation. In particular, the community theater experiments and the work on the territory ensure that the meeting that takes place in the theater is an opportunity to share personal experiences between people of different origins: the theater as a physical place, as well as an intellectual, cultural and social place, returns to the center of the life of citizenship.

The company's belief is that Theatre, through which individuals are led to tell their stories, makes everyone capable of concretely dealing with their own fragility and limits: exhibiting them in order to recognize them, accept them and overcome them. Fragility for us is an added value, a starting point for dealing with daily life as well as an individual’s starting point for community development.

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