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We like texts that never formally end their journey,
Because they leave space to artistic incursions.

Our theatre pays attention to conflicts that individuals have with themselves and with the reality that surrounds them. A theatre that focuses on oxymorons, paradoxes and contradictions of the modern age.


Our Plays


Written and performed by Gianfranco Berardi e Gabriella Casolari
Soundscapes by Ludovico D’Agostino
Produced by Compagnia Berardi Casolari e Teatro della Tosse

Re-Tournée is an audio project created during the pandemic: specifically made for radio but with theatre in mind. A project that was thought up during the wait for the return of live performance. Re-Tournée was a nostalgic and ironic revocation of a long gone theatre, as well as a hopeful wish for everything to go back as it used to be. “Re-Tournée” is the union of many meanings in a single word: anecdotes by a traveling theatre company, intimate memories and hopes for the future.

The project was made up of brief audio recordings (5-6 minutes), which describe various aspects of theatre and live performance before the pandemic. In every episode Berardi and Casolari talk ironically about the world of theatre from the actors’ perspective: what does it mean for an actor to feel the presence of the audience in their seats? And where’s the audience for online theatre? Is there such a thing? Two old, nostalgic actors remember the long lost “human” theatre: the opening of the doors, the audience making all kind of noises during the performance, the greetings after the show, the hugs (even the annoying ones)… during the pandemic these are nothing but distant memories.

A series of short stories and skits, to keep on talking about theatre… to avoid forgetting about it.

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