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A "counter-temporary theater”, which focuses on the conflicts that the individual has with himself and with the reality that surrounds him. A theater that pays attention to the oxymorons, paradoxes and contradictions of our current era.

Gianfranco Berardi and Gabriella Casolari met for the first time in 2001 during the production of the play Pulcinella’s journey in search of Giuseppe Verdi by and with Marco Manchisi. The two artists thus began to work together on the creation of the show Briganti, which debuted in May 2003, officially giving life to the Compagnia Berardi Casolari.

The duo, with their numerous collaborators, deals with the production, promotion and distribution of shows, as well as professional training on acting, writing and directing.

The works of the company, attributable to the current of the New Dramaturgy, are all original plays, in which tragedy and comedy, autobiographical experiences and archetypal tales of great classics, poetic language and popular jargon are mixed.

Among the company's productions:

  • Briganti (2003) won in the new dramaturgy section at the Lugano International Festival

  • Land Lover (2009), ETI Award - “Nuove Creatività" in 2009

  • Io provo a volare – omaggio a Domenico Modugno (2010), Antonio Landieri prize as best play of 2010, Special Jury Prize and First Audience Prize at the JoakimInterFest in Kragujevac (Serbia), nomination for the best foreign play at the “Teatri del Mondo” (Buenos Aires 2018)

  • In fondo agli occhi (2013), nomination for best direction at the “Teatri del mondo” festival (Buenos Aires 2018)

  • La prima , la migliore (2017), KLP Teatro's “Last Seen” award as best play of the year

  • Amleto Take Away (2018), Ubu 2018 award as best actor and performer of the year to Gianfranco Berardi

  • I figli della Frettolosa (2019), a play / project created in collaboration with the Italian Union for the Blind and Visually Impaired and with the Blind People’s Institute of Milan

  • LidOdissea (2023), a play backed by the Italian Ministry of Culture, starring Berardi and Casolari, together with the actor Ludovico D'Agostino and the Actress Silvia Zaru

The company travels with its plays both in Italy and abroad (France, Argentina, Bolivia, Serbia, Slovenia, Georgia, Switzerland…)

For years, the Apulian-Emilian duo has also had television and radio forays alongside their theatrical activity, participating in programs such as Sostiene Bollani, Quelli che il Calcio, 610 – Sei uno zero, Radio3 Suite, Ricomincio da RaiTre, and co-hosting programs such as La Giornata del Braille , available on RaiPlay.


The texts of the performances of the Compagnia Berardi Casolari have been published in four publications:

Ubu Libri, 2010

Viaggio per amore – dal deficiente a Land Lover

Editoria&Spettacolo, 2013

In fondo agli occhi

CUE Press, 2019

Vedere o non vedere

Zibaldone. Estudios italianos, 2019

Hamlet take away


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