I Figli della Frettolosa
(The offsprings of the Hasty Cat)

I Figli della Frettolosa
(The offsprings of the Hasty Cat)

The Play

Written and directed by
Gabriella Casolari and Gianfranco Berardi

Gianfranco Berardi, Gabriella Casolari,
Ludovico D’Agostino, Flavia Neri, Silvia Zaru

and with
A chorus of blind and visually impaired actors
born from the workshop preceding the play

Production Berardi Casolari Company, Luzzati Teatro della Tosse Foundation

With the support of Sardegna Teatro, Teatro dell'Elfo
With the contribution of the Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted

I Figli della Frettolosa is a play that deals with the theme of blindness, both figuratively and metaphorically. In a world that is constantly bombarded with images and sounds, which increasingly neutralize our strong senses, sight and hearing, the individual's attention is increasingly distant from the true knowledge of Being, of existence. The point of view here is therefore that of a blind person, of someone who looks but does not see, perceiving the surrounding reality in a different way. Once again the reflection starts from the personal experiences of Gianfranco Berardi and Gabriella Casolari. But, unlike for their previous works, this time it's not just them on stage, but they’re accompanied by a chorus of other actor, largely formed by blind and partially sighted people: an emblem of humanity, an allegory of a lost and insecure society. A show that is more akin to a special event, as it integrates theatrical performance with the perspective of a real-life community, bringing together professional actors and ordinary citizens, sighted or blind. The play’s text is always enriched with the individual experiences of the different participants.


The play “I Figli della Frettolosa" is preceded by the organization of a workshop of about a week, ending with the performance itself. From town to town, the investigation develops on autobiographical stories and personal reflections on classic works. During the workshop, the Company works together with the participants, bringing out their personal stories, to enrich the work’s structure. The result is a tragicomic work in which theater and life, fiction and reality merge and confuse, to bring to light the most human aspects of living in a society. The workshop is aimed at blind or partially sighted people, actors and acting students.



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