Io Provo a Volare
(I try to fly)

Io Provo a Volare
(I try to fly)

The Play

SPECIAL JURY AWARD – JoakimInterFest of Kragujevac (Serbia)
“for aesthetic, pure and joyful emotion, that was caused in a cheerful audience”
AUDIENCE AWARD – JoakimInterFest of Kragujevac (Serbia)

Tribute to Domenico Modugno

Gianfranco Berardi and Gabriella Casolari

Gianfranco Berardi – lead Actor
Davide Berardi – lead vocals and guitar
Bruno Galeone – accordion
Direction and lights – Gabriella Casolari
Costumes - Pasqualina Ignomeriello

Io provo a volare is an original play which, starting from biographical notes of Domenico Modugno, tells the life of one of the many young people who grew up in the province, who try to make their dream of becoming artists come true. The story is articulated precisely through the description of expectations, disappointments and efforts. The protagonist is the spirit of the caretaker of a provincial theater who, like an old comedian, returns on stage every night at midnight, accompanied by his musicians, inside the theatre where he took his first steps. Thus between storytelling, music and dance, accompanied by the music of Modugno, interpreted by guitar and accordion, episodes of his life are relived: dreams, meetings, rehearsals, escape, school, first jobs and the bitter return to the small town where he is forced to return, after having tried it all. The work therefore, using the figure of Modugno as a simulacrum, pays homage to the efforts and courage of artists who, driven by passion, constantly embark on adventures in experiences that are often judged as undignified.

Gianfranco Berardi, surely one of the rising stars of our theater...It has been a long time since I have seen a young actor stand on stage with such confidence and hold the viewer in his grasp with such mocking bravado but also with irresistible complicity. • Marco de Marinis
...shines the strand of Apulian shows, with the brand new Io Provo a Volare in which Gianfranco Berardi plays a Theater Spirit driven by his enthusiasm to resurrect the orchestrator who is on stage with the tale of a life dedicated to the theater for which he bowls lines from Hamlet and through the enthusiasm of the room comes to identify with Domenico Modugno.
La Repubblica • Franco Quadri
The flight of Gianfranco Berardi, an extraordinary actor, is one of those dangerously near to the ground flights, which cannot leave the spectators indifferent… …This work is not just a theatrical show but a small dream to give to the public that was there and will come… …It is a poor but lively theatre. Pure poetry.
L’Unità • Francesca De Sanctis
Berardi takes inspiration above all from variety and cabaret, with effective exaggeration and caricatures, thinking of Petrolini, Totò, Karl Valentin and Leo De Berardinis, with his hallucinated apparitions.
Il Sole 24 ore • Antonio Audino
Berardi is evocative, dazzling and dissipating, lit by an inner light, for he is a blind artist. He narrates the ordeal of the provincial poets, of the lost Hamlets, of the dreamers rejected by the city of those who try to fly back to their roots, and at times he pronounces (or puts into dance) other, inspired things ... while the mystery is in Berardi.
La Repubblica • Rodolfo Di Giammarco



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