Land Lover

Land Lover

The Play


Gianfranco Berardi, Gabriella Casolari, Roberto De Sarno, Eugenio Vaccaro

Written and directed by
Gianfranco Berardi

assistant director
Gabriella Casolari

dramaturgy collaboration
Elle Morano

Grazia Bono and Aldo Zucco

project supported by ETI – Ente Teatrale Italiano
Thanks for your cooperation
Spring Festival of the Castrovillari Theaters

On an island of dreams, a land of love called Land Lover, three extravagant characters go in the presence of a folkloristic holy man, in search of satisfying consultations. But the religious one is not the only trail chosen by tourists and locals: the tensions that during the day, while in line for the holy man, animate the encounters-clashes of the needy, relax at night to the rhythm of wild dances and frivolous pleasures. Thus the four eccentric figures try to relate in apparently unapproachable contexts: the waiting room of the holy man and the libidinous disco of the island. Improbable, unreal situations follow one another, encounters and premeditated accidents, which create a scenario where tragedy and comedy merge, where fun and wickedness feed off of each other. During all of this, the flavor of the ridiculous remains. A comedy with a bitter ending, where the identities of the characters collapse in the absence of an answer capable of changing their lives. Land Lover recounts the desire to escape from oneself, to set off in search of something symbolically called Love, which calms the impending dismay at least for a moment, and which strengthens us for the fight against man's oldest, greatest enemy: fear.



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